Tour Rules

in short


  • The competition is open to Organisations in Star Citizen
  • An org can submit up to 8 players (4 will play per Stage)
  • The Org must play in all three stages (April 25, May 2 and May 9 @1730 UTC)
  • Player requirements:
    • working microphone
    • discord account
    • a game package

Competition Rules

  • Tour de Verse has 3 Stages
  • Each Stage is on a different day (April 25, May 2 and May 9 @1730 UTC)
  • After each Stage the Orgs will be awarded Tour Points (6 for winner, 5 for second in place, 4 for third in place, etc)
  • The Org that acquired the most Tour Points at the end of Stage 3, wins the Tour de Verse
  • Use of small arms is allowed
  • Respawn allowed

Stage Rules

  • The Org’s playing team has 2 drivers and 2 scouts
  • The team has finished a stage when their drivers passed all checkpoints and crossed the finish line
  • Drivers may:
    • move by foot or Cyclone
    • use small arms
    • respawn
  • Scouts may:
    • make use of ships
    • carry spare vehicles
    • respawn
    • not interfere with other teams
  • When respawned, drivers must be returned to their location of death or to the other driver before continuing the race


A bit more information

The Rulebook sets the rules and setting of Tour de Verse.

It comprises of the following chapters:

– Tour Rules
– Teams
– Gear
– Replacement of vehicles
– Respawning
– Rules of engagement
– Logistics
– Final remarks

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