What is SAESE?

SAESE organizes gaming competitions.

Who is SAESE?

Here is a list of a some major contributors:

  • Luovicii (main organizer)
  • Dutch053 (general)
  • Youmanity (general)
  • Tbwkk (Broadcast Queen)
  • Amok (Competition designer)
  • Noor (she talks to people)
  • Tatsuya (Programmer and In-Game Camera controller)
  • Jules (In-Game Camera controller)
We can use help. If you want to contribute your skills, please visit our support page, or send an e-mail to info@saese.org.

How do you pronounce SAESE?

We don’t know.

How do I sign up for a competition?

Go to the bespoke competition’s website to see updates about the registration procedure.

We recommend subscribing to our newsletter to receive updates on the start of registration procedures.

Are all competitions broadcasted?


Are there any entrance fees?


Do I need to be a pro gamer to sign up?


How can I help?

1st: by following/liking or subscribing to our YouTube and Twitch channel

2nd: by spreading the word about SAESE competitions

3rd: by providing your skills

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