Rust Tournament


An extraordinary Rust event!​

  • 6 teams 
  • Teams can receive Tournament Points
    • one kill – for example – is 1 Tournament Point
    • winning a Special Event is 15 Tournament Points
  • Special Events
  • Team that acquires most Tournament Points wins
*The Rust Tournament is a non-official competition

Watch the trailer!

Here you can watch the trailer, with some hints on what to expect during the Tournament.

Watch the info movie!

In this video, we’ll provide more information about the Tournament, Game Points en the setup.

Live Broadcast

  • full in-house Camera Crew
  • Live anchored by our Guest Host
  • Live interviews with the players
  • live polls with viewers who influence the tournament


Watch live on Twitch.

Our Guest Hosts

The live broadcast will be casted by our Guest Hosts. They will anchor the entire event and interview the teams.

Jesper “Daedalus” Kuntz

Andreas “Duckling” Gents

The Teams

Meet the teams of the Tournament

Team A - STAX
Team B - Void
Team C - NWA
Team D - Zerg Control
Team F- Sins


– Tournament Game Points

– Tournament Rulebook

– Tournament Map

– Boat race Route