Tour de 'Verse

A Star Citizen Competition

Six orgs, Three stages, One winner

date to be anounced

Citizens busy hauling cargo, mining asteroids or chasing bounties sometimes forget to look at the beauty of the universe surrounding them.

Their organizations are so preoccupied with maximizing profits and eliminating competition that they tend to forget their mutual kin.

Therefore, we will organize a race, to celebrate that we are the people of the UEE and that we live in an astonishing universe.

We will rush our vast deserts, sail our frozen oceans and conquer the great mountains of the UEE. We will not be intimidated by alien threats and we will show what humanity is capable of. We will not argue over mining rights nor the legitimacy of any salvage.

We will race each other, on our worlds, limitless, borderless.

Lev Cronenberg, November 12th 2949, Area18 plaza, Arccorp, Stanton


Tour de Verse 2951 - first editionlast edition

Tour de 'Verse is a competition in the computer game Star Citizen which game is produced by Cloud Imperium Games. This competition is a fan based event and is not supported by or affiliated to Cloud Imperium Games. This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Cloud Imperium or Roberts Space Industries group of companies. All game content and materials are copyright Cloud Imperium Rights LLC and Cloud Imperium Rights Ltd.. Star Citizen®, Squadron 42®, Roberts Space Industries®, and Cloud Imperium® are registered trademarks of Cloud Imperium Rights LLC. All rights reserved.


in short


  • The competition is open to Organisations in Star Citizen
  • An org can submit up to 8 players (4 will play per Stage)
  • The Org must be able to attend all three Stages (April 25 May 2 and May 9 @1730 UTC)
  • One driver must be able to stream his/her screen during the Stages.
  • Player requirements:
    • Working microphone
    • Discord account
    • A game package

Competition Rules

  • Tour de Verse has 3 Stages
  • Each Stage is on a different day (April 25, May 2 and May 9 @1730 UTC)
  • After each stage the Orgs will be awarded Tour Points (6 for winner, 5 for second in place, 4 for third in place, etc)
  • The Org that acquired the most Tour Points at the end of Stage 3, wins the Tour de Verse
  • Use of small arms allowed
  • Respawn allowed





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Registration for Tour de Verse is open from today until April 11th 2021. The competition is open to Organisations in Star Citizen An org can

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