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  • The competition is open to any org in Star Citizen
  • An org can submit one team of 3 players (and max 3 spare)
  • Admitted teams will race all etappes of the Tour.

Competition Rules

  • Tour the ‘Verse has 3 Etappes.
  • All 3 etappes will be raced in one day.
  • The winners of each Etappe will be awarded the followingTour Points:
    • 1st finished:  6
    • 2nd finished: 5
    • 3rd finished: 4
    • 4th finished: 3
    • 5th finished: 2
    • 6th finished: 1
    • disqualified: 0
  • The team that acquired most Tour Points at the end of Etappe 3, wins the Tour the ‘Verse
  • As soon as all players have finished (or the maximum Etappe Time has passed), teams will enter the SAESE ship to be transported to the next Etappe.
  • Teams are not allowed to engage other teams during transit between Etappes.

Etappe Rules

  • A team is finished as soon as one of the team members has passed all checkpoints and has crossed the finish line.
  • Teams can bring weapons to the race.
  • Players can be in-race or out-race
    • All players become in-race as soon as the race starts.
    • Players become out-race when:
      • finished
      • died
      • disqualified
  • Players are not allowed to use weapons:
    • when they are out-race
    • against players out-race
    • When they are in-race, but did not pass checkpoint one
    • against players in-race, who did not pass checkpoint one
  • Every Etappe has a dedicated vehicle category (i.e. motor, buggy, rover, etc).
    • Players that are in-race, can only use vehicles from the dedicated category.
    • Teams can bring max 3 vehicles to race start.
    • There is no vehicle respawn limit.
  • Players are allowed to respawn and rejoin the race at their last location of death. As soon as the player is returned to his/her last location of death, he becomes in-race again.

A more thorough set of rules will be disclosed later.


Six teams
Each team has 3 players
Team gets points for winning an etappe
Team with most points at the end wins
Pvp only after first checkpoint
Respawn allowed

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